T Treescapes

To buy an original please contact Natalie directly at nat@natalieburns.co.uk, phone on 07825 340585 or online. For a fine art giclee print please buy now.

A Path not taken - £ 85

The ‘Road not taken’ is a favourite poem of mine. This painting invites the viewer to look along the path and to wonder where it goes and what treasures might be discovered there or inevitably missed as it is impossible to take every path we are offered.

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Awakening - £ 85

The woods in the early morning are full of colour as the light emerges and dances around the tree trunks.

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Bluebell Morning - £ 85

Who doesn’t remember the bluebell woods they played in as a child or strolled through hand-in-hand with a lover or ran through with a beloved dog?

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Enchantment - £ 85

When the sun penetrates the canopy and a curtain of light descends, it is as if there is magic in the forest.

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Enlightenment - £ 85

A walk in the forest under tall trees surrounded by nature clears the head and suddenly it all becomes clear.

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Mindful - £ 85

Take a walk in the woods with all your senses. Notice the colours and the sounds and breathe deeply the crisp morning air.

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Moonlight - £ 85

The moon is full and casts its light onto the forest and it glows with an eerie blue and all is still and quiet.

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New Light - £ 85

It is Spring and the new leaves are beginning to appear and the sunlight dances off the new growth.

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The Carpet - £ 85

The little clearing in the trees was dark but it seemed to dance with a millions particles of colour.

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The light finds a way - £ 85

What a joy to run through the woods, map in hand searching for an elusive control only to be stopped in my tracks by light streaming in through a gap in the trees, making me take notice of the beauty around me.

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Natalie Burns - Artist & Poet

An artist and poet, creating original artwork and scenes of the Lake District and Cumbria, commissions available.


07825 340585