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About Me

From a very young age I loved to make marks. Wallpaper lining and paints were consumed in vast quantities and I loved the blackboard that my dad made.

I thought about a career in art on many occasions through my teens but was steered into teaching and I loved it. As a primary school teacher I could experiment with a wide range of materials with the children and introduce them to artists and techniques. At home I produced pastel landscapes of the lakes, selling them occasionally.

When my children were small, my own art took a back seat but I still got to play with art materials as I painted and crafted with them.

As a professional development officer for Cumbria’s Education Authority, I was privileged to introduce a wide range of artists into local schools and I always enjoyed taking part and was inspired by them all.

Now my children are grown up I am approaching art like a child again; full of curiosity and play. At the moment I use acrylics with a sea sponge and sponge stick to paint on canvases and canvas paper but I am always experimenting with different implements and learning new techniques.

I have reopened my eyes to the natural world and love to wander with my camera, searching out landscapes and abstract images that are beautiful in their simplicity without any manipulation.

Natalie Burns

I draw small sketches of well-known views with Derwent Graphik Line Painters and a water brush then I photograph them and produce cards and prints. I love the bright colours and how they run and splash.

I enjoy using recycled materials; postcards, maps and stamps to make art. I am also a keen diarist and drawing is integral to my journals.

I am trained to deliver the therapeutic story writing programme in schools and convinced of the power of art and journaling as a therapeutic tool, I want to develop more opportunities for adults and children to become creative themselves. I run poetry workshops and creative journaling workshops for children and adults.

I'd love to hear from you on 07825 340585 or via email nat@natalieburns.co.uk

Natalie Burns - Artist & Poet

An artist and poet, creating original artwork and scenes of the Lake District and Cumbria, commissions available.


07825 340585