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Natalie runs a number of workshops for schools and community groups for adults and children.

Therapeutic Storywriting

Therapeutic Storywriting Groups use the metaphor in stories to support children whose emotional and behavioural difficulties are getting in the way of their learning.

The intervention is delivered by educational professionals who have attended the 3-day training ‘Setting Up Therapeutic Story writing Groups’.

The Groups are for 6 pupils aged 7-13 years, run for 10 sessions and each session lasts for 1 hour.

Therapeutic Storywriting
Discovering the joy of writing poetry
Creative Journaling
Infants sketching in the local environment

Creative Journaling

There are many reasons to journal, considerable research indicates that it reduces stress and strengthens the immune system and contributes to well-being.

Natalie offers weekly sessions for groups of children to explore their common experiences and express themselves creatively in personal journals.

Adult creative journaling sessions can be a full day or in a chosen number of 2 hour sessions. The course explores the psychology behind journaling for health and well-being.

Different kinds of writing are tried and materials experimented with so that participants can discover their own way so they can successfully maintain the practise that most benefits them.

Poetry Writing

Natalie offers single poetry workshops in schools and community groups or longer residencies that may or may not culminate in a publication, performance or both.

Poetry writing
Putting poetry onto a colourful canvas for display
Creative Journaling
Sponged daisies on canvas

Putting poetry on the wall

Poetry and art are combined to create large colourful canvases with beautiful words.

Writing in the outdoors

Natalie will join a group in the outdoors to find inspiration in the environment and create meaningful and expressive poetry and prose.

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Natalie Burns - Artist & Poet

An artist and poet, creating original artwork and scenes of the Lake District and Cumbria, commissions available.


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