Scattered Daisies

If you love the scattered daisy pictures but want to coordinate with home furnishings you can commission a painting. Just state the colours that you want as a background and the size of canvas that you require and I will paint to your requirements.
Scattered Daisies - Artwork Commissions from Natalie Burns
This commission was for a large canvas (1m x 600cm) using poppy red and lime green as a background with large daisies in the foreground. I was listening to Fleetwood Mac as I painted it and so I called it Big Love and the customer was delighted. Just email requirements in the form below to find out the price.


Great for the enthusiast, themed stamp pictures to order in a number of different sizes. Just select your size and your theme and email the requirements in the form below to request a unique personalised piece of art. All stamps are actual worldwide, used stamps that have been through the post. They come in textured white or cream mounts in a cellophane wrapper.

  • Greeting card 4”x6 - £3:00
  • Square 8”x8” with heart shaped or square aperture - £7:50
  • Square 12”x12” with heart shaped aperture £15:00
  • Rectangle 6”x8” with aperture 4”x6” - £5:00
  • Rectangle 12”x10” with aperture 6”x8” - £10:00
Stamp Art - Artwork Commissions from Natalie Burns
Stamp Art - Artwork Commissions from Natalie Burns

Here are two commissions recently undertaken; the classic cars measures 12”x10” with a 10”x8” aperture and cost £20; the food heart measures 12”x12” and cost £15.

Get in touch about your commission requirements: